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Premium Roulette Pro which is a new entry at Windows Casino is powered by Playtech software and offers excellent graphics which are easy on the eye and a realistic dealer voice, all in all this online casino game gives you the most superior gaming experience found in online Roulette! In its game play the online Premium Roulette Pro vastly different from Roulette Pro but is somewhat closer to Premium French Roulette with 36 numbers and a zero too.

However while the Premium French Roulette offers the feature of La Partage, Announce Bets and Neighbour Bets in separate windows, in Premium Roulette Pro you can play the Announce or Call Bets on the racetrack which also allows you to place Neighbour Bets on zero. The other difference is absence of La Partage feature and most importantly that the stakes are much higher in this online casino game.

Before you enter the Premium Roulette Pro game you can choose between options of single player, multiplayer or private group. However, to join a group you need to know the name of an existing one; you can also start a group of your own group. You get a choice of table limits which depend upon your VIP level at Windows Casino. The lowest table limit options are from 10p-$/£/€20 and $/£/€1-$/£/€20 in Real Money mode and this is also displayed at the table. The betting chips in this game come in denominations of 1c, 10c, $/£/€1, $/£/€5, $/£/€10, $/£/€25 and $/£/€100.

While betting on the table is same as it is with the other Premium Roulette games, its the racetrack which makes the difference in the betting – this part of the online casino game is truly for the high rollers! Although the payouts on the racetrack are even more spectacular and make it worth the risk.

While the racetrack in Premium Roulette Pro is basically a duplicate of the Roulette wheel itself in its number placement, you get to place special bets here. For making a neighbour bet, an Orphelins, Final Bet or Tier bet you place 5 chips on the table and a Voisins du Zero bet, which is a bet on the numbers neighbouring 0 on the wheel, your bet takes $/£/€9 onto the table!

The Windows Casino toolbar at the bottom of the game screen shows your account balance on the left and Menu on the right with 3 functions: History, Options for changing game settings like speed or audio quality. Help tab within Menu gives you detailed assistance with the rules for Premium Roulette Pro and you can open a Chat window here to interact with other players if in multiplayer option. You can click on Online Support button here for contacting the online customer support at the online casino.

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