Important security update at

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Play safe in CasinoClub!

Important Security Update

Security and data protection are the top priority at CasinoClub. As a licensed on-line casino, we keep strictly to the requirements set out by our regulatory authority and implement these requirements systematically. Because of this, on Tuesday 19 June 2012 we will be deactivating the special “save password” feature when logging in to CasinoClub. After this date you will need to enter your login information manually each time you visit the casino; your password will no longer be entered automatically.

This security update will, of course, not impact on your gaming experience in CasinoClub! You will still be able to log in to the software or into Flash Casino with your usual username and password and indulge in unlimited gaming fun with great chances of winning.

You will only need to take further steps if you have used the “save password” feature and have therefore forgotten your original password. If you have actually forgotten your login information, we would urgently recommend you to request a new password before the deadline of 19 June 2012!

This is done with a few simple steps. Simply click here and follow our straightforward instructions step by step, so that you can continue to enjoy unlimited gaming fun in a secure setting!

If you have any questions or problems with registering, you can, of course, always turn to our Customer Service team.

PartyCasino 10 FREE No Deposit Bonus

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Punto Banco

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A Pro Series version of Baccarat, played in six standard decks, featuring 2 to 1 payouts on Punto and Banco bets as well as 9 to 1 payouts on tie bets. Players can play without placing bets on the table while results of each hand are displayed in the History window. Low, standard and high limit versions as well as a VIP Punto Banco with a maximum bet of 10,000 available

Low risk betting tips

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Tips on Beating the Odds!

There seems to be a thousand ways to gamble just as are there are a thousand ways and chances to lose. But let’s face it, for most betters gambling is not about living the “bet-and-leave-if-you-lose” attitude. They play to win!

In any endeavor, it’s essential to know the rules of the game in order to play it better and stay on the winning edge. Keeping simple advice in mind and mastering several gaming strategies before jumping into any gambling activity will help you increase your chances of beating the bookies and eventually overpower them.

While it’s true that this article aims to develop your winning potential, one mustn’t forget that gambling is not all about winning. We gamble for fun while keeping a system which helps us defeat the percentage of losing.

Here are a few tips which you can apply when engaging in any gambling activity. It is also important to keep in mind that these systems are not perfect but following them offers you a great deal of certainty in winning.

• Keep It Small – Going small time won’t hurt and is good to your pocket. Big time betting is perfect if you are sure that your chance of winning is always 100%.  You may lose your money in the end but you may have enjoyed the activity for a long time.

• Bet With Lucky Pals – There are hands and there are hands for gambling. Bet with lucky gamblers of the day. No matter how you master the system operating on every game, if the day does not favor your side then live with it. Joseph Conrad once said that, “It is the mark of an inexperienced man not to believe in luck.”

• Eye on the Pattern – Go with the flow. Bet on the numbers/players which gets the most wins. Predict its chances by keeping history of their wins and loses. This helps you formulate a decision when risking your stake for them.

• Avoid the favorites! – Good betting is impeded by unhealthy judgment about favorite players, numbers, etc. Improve your judgment by weighing the odds while looking at other prospects that get the possibility of winning.

• Unleash Your Psychic powers – Confucius implied that the first thing that comes in your mind is usually the best answer to a question. Playing on your inner psychic power pays!

• Stop Ahead – Be in control of your winnings. Take over gambling more than it takes over you.

• Gamble for fun – While it’s true that some people gamble to win, we must also consider that it was originally created to provide fun and entertainment. Investing in gambling is a bad idea!

How to count Cards using Hi-Lo

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Nice youtube video I’ve found.
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Beat the Casino! Play Live-Blackjack with real Dealers via webcam,
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Poker Dictionary

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So you are a new poker player and do not know what’s Bad Beat or Dead Manʼs Hand?
Poker has a language somewhat to itself. Friendly supported by Party Poker:
A glossary to familiarize yourself with poker terms.
Many of the poker terms in this glossary are linked to one another.
If you click a link within a definition, click your browserʼs “back” button to return to the definition you just left.
Anything you have to know, from Aces Full to WSOP.

Download: right click “save target as…”
Poker Dictionary

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A Guide to Online Casino Gambling

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A Guide to Online Casino Gambling

The hassles of going to Casinos can be enough reason not to go there at all.

The traffic, hassles, and things to do seem not worth the trouble for a chance to play at a casino but if you’re the type who lives and breathes casinos then online casino gambling would be the solution for you.

You do not need to go out of the house just for online casino gambling because it could be easily access in your own homes (provided that you have a computer and internet access). Once that is done, you are on your way to online casino gambling! But before indulging yourself, there are several guidelines and things that you must first know about online casino gambling especially if you are just a beginner.
So slow down those hormones and let your minds read and absorb the following information.

The online casino gambling industry is very complex and varied with some bad elements meaning that there are many dishonest and problematic sites.
This brief guide would be able to guide you in choosing an honest and trust-worthy online casino gambling site.
The first thing that a smart online gambler would look for in an online casino gambling host is the type which has high winnings odds.

Be sure that the online casino gambling host has a tie-up with a reputable accounting firm in order to audit their casino games payout percentage on a monthly basis.
This is helpful in your part in order to be sure that the money that you would be spending in your future online casino gambling spree would be worth it.

Here are some other tips in choosing an online casino gambling site.
Always make sure that the online casino gambling site is legal.
How would you do that? You do not need to go to a government office to check that out. What you could do is search the licensing information on the casino state.
If ever that you cannot find any licensing information on that online casino gambling site, do not even attempt to gamble there.

The second tip would be to check if the online casino gambling host has 24/7 customer-service that would help you whenever you encounter a difficulty or a problem.
If the online casino gambling host does not have a 24/7 customer service, chances are it is a hoax site.

Next one would be reading carefully the different bonuses and promos that the online casino gambling site offers because if you do not read it carefully and you agreed, in the future you do not have any evidence against it.

Remember that it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Another advice would be to gamble first in small amounts rather than spend big amounts of money right away. Check first the integrity and status of the online casino gambling before taking any major risk-especially financial ones.

The last and most important tip in online casino gambling is to never forget that gambling is all about fun and pleasure rather than making money.
Gambling is not a job rather a hobby that would make you happy and your life pleasurable.

After you have observed these advice and tips then go and give in to the lure of online casino gambling.

By the way, try one of the casinos shown on my site first! They’re all tested and found to be good.

Secret Formula of Black Jack Winners

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Secret Formula of Black Jack Winners

When someone plays a game, they play to win.
One of the many simple games at the casino is Blackjack.
For those who don’t know how to play the game, it’s always best to start by learning the basics.

When playing Blackjack the most important feature to remember is that there are four times as many cards that have a value of 10 (10, J,Q,K) as any other value.
With this information, one must always assume that the next card to be drawn from the deck has a value of 10.

By keeping this in mind, one may realize that if one has any hand that has a value over 12 one will likely lose or in blackjack terms bust (go over 21).
Likewise if the dealer’s card is a 2-6 it is likely to draw a 10 card which means he will have to draw again, likely causing him to bust.

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Another way to make the odds more favorable to the player than the dealer is by counting cards. This of course requires many pages and charts that must be memorized.  Having a professionally written guide is very helpful and there are many different authors that have different styles and different counting systems.
It’s always best to get more than one opinion to find out which style works best.

Practice makes perfect. By investing time and money with online training and learning the game, it will eventually pay off at the casino.

Upon entering the casino, one must choose the right table to play at. When one observes that the players at a table seem to be winning a lot, it is a good time to join in the action.  Likewise, if you notice the dealer has a lot of chips and the players seem to be doing more losing than winning, then look for a better table.

Reward the dealer by tipping when one is winning.  If the dealer knows he will be tipped when the players wins,  he may begin rooting and actually do subtle things to help such as performing less thorough shuffles and penetrating deeper into the shoe before he re-shuffles thus allowing the player to get a more accurate count of the cards.

Though if the dealer starts losing too much money for the casino the pit boss will likely change dealers.

Although it may be impossible to find the perfect game, one should be familiar with how certain house rules affect the player.

Keep in mind that as a rule of thumb, the fewer decks the casino uses the more advantageous it is for the player.

Tips on How to Gamble Responsibly

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Tips on How to Gamble Responsibly

Aside from becoming one financial roadblock, when one gets addicted to gambling, the preoccupation may just cause him his family and his whole social life. Who wants to be entangled into such problems like those, right?

Gambling is supposed to be fun, not something that will ruin your life. Here are some tips on responsible gambling:

1. Plan to Lose.

This is not being pessimistic. Keep tabs on your losses and give yourself a loss limit. And stick to it strictly. Aside from the loss limit, setting a time limit will also make you one smart gambler.

2. Don’t ask for help.

This easily translates to never asking for some borrowed money to continue gambling. If you have determined a quite manageable loss limit, you will never have to borrow money to gamble.

3. Have a break.

Frequent breaks while playing online will not only make you relax, it will also give you time to just rethink how much you have been losing then subsequently quit it.

4. Don’t just gamble, mingle.

Incorporate other less wallet pinching activities such as chatting with a new acquaintance or some old friend who also happen to visit the casino. Don’t feel guilty when you don’t get to gamble the whole night through. Practicing your social graces is also one good way to spend the night. Who knows you might just have let one investment deal pass just because you were too hooked up rolling the dice.

5. Don’t play when depressed and stressed.

Just like shopping and eating, it’s never a good way to make use of gambling as an outlet to belch out your woes or any trouble. Gambling when you are feeling low will not solve you problem. It might even blow it up to some mammoth proportion you never intended it to be.

6. Say no to ruining your budget just because of gambling.

Stay only with the budget you allocated for entertainment. Money for everyday expenses should never be touched if it’s only your craving to roll the dice that you are trying to quench.

7. Don’t go chasing your losses.

Acceptance is one mature way to deal with any problem. This does not exclude losing when gambling. It won’t be smart to chase your losses since it might make you lose even more.

If all else fails to remind you that gambling should not be taken lightly, remember that casinos are not built as charity houses to give out money. They are making a business out of the gamblers’ losses.

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Tips on Playing Blackjack

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A Matter of Winning and Losing: Tips on Playing Blackjack

Today, blackjack seems to be one of the most popular card games.
This is because playing blackjack is so easy to learn and play.
Unlike poker, blackjack does not have any combinations to remember.

In blackjack, the object of the game is to get the sum of the two cards close to 21.
When a person gets cards that are over 21, he or she loses the game.

Normally, a player receives two cards. After the players see their cards, they have to decide whether they would hit or stand.
When a person says “stand,” this means the player thinks he or she is closer to 21 already.
When a player says “hit,” this means that he or she still needs additional cards just to get close to 21.

Players can draw as many cards as they want until they feel they are close to 21 already.
A player who is nearer to 21 wins.

However, there are people who have devised some tips and strategies to get an edge over the other players.
There are times that these tips really can help some people win.

Here’s a list of some tips that players may choose to use them so as to win the game.

1. If a player gets 17 or higher, it is always better to stand.
If the player has any number from 13 to 16 and the dealer’s card is 6 or lower, it would be better to stand.
But if the dealer has 7 or more, it would be better for a player to hit.

The theory here is that, if the dealer is showing a card of six or lower, the dealer may take a card, assuming that the dealer’s card facing down is a ten. The players, then, assume that the dealer is banking on a bust hand, so the other players have the tendency to maintain a lower card number.

The rule of thumb:  players should always assume that the dealer’s down cards is 10.

2. If a player has aces or 8’s, it would be better to split them regardless of the dealer’s showing card.

3. A player should remember not to split 10’s. Chances are, they might end up getting busted.

4. If the dealer is showing 4, 5, or 6, it would be better for a player to stand on hard 12, or hit hard if the dealer is showing 2, 3, 7, or higher.

5. In order to win, players should always remember not to split fours, face cards, and fives.

Indeed, gambling is a game of chance, but with keen observation, winning is possible.

Use the advantage you’ve just got. Beat the bank at Blackjack

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