Good Girl, Bad Girl Video-Slot now online!

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It could be heaven, it could be hell, but one thing’s for sure – the latest 3D slots3 released by 7Red has hit on a recipe that will keep you hyped for hours.

New Slot-Game: Good Girls, Bad Girls

Whether you’re attracted more to good girls or bad ones, the first image that hits your eyes is the sexxxyness of it all, as the 2 gorgeous main characters of the game come into view, showing their vibrant curves and no small amount of their beauty in the flesh.

Good Girl Bad Girl’s designers have done a marvelous job in combining heaven and hell in such an intertwined way. Audio adds to the weirdness as screams from below mingle with the winds of above to give you an eerie feeling in your bones and goose bumps on your skin. Good girl spins are accompanied by light rock music while the bad girl spins are played to the beat of heavy metal. The chosen mode also affects which of our two raving beauties is active with you, celebrating your wins and hosting your bonus rounds.

Good Girls, Bad Girls Video Slot

J a c k p o t!

The 5-reel 30-liner game will be played on every spin extends the normal boundaries of slot machines to by letting the player choose one of 3 risk/reward strategies. The good girl approach runs on lower risk, more conventional play, whereas the bad girl mode raises the stakes with less frequent payouts but bigger prizes. Each mode has specific features. Good girl mode pays 15 lines from left to right and bad girl mode pays those from right to left. You can also play the two girls together and bet on the full 30 lines to give you the highest win potential.

2 different kinds of wildcard symbols can be found on the reels. They appear frequently compared to most slot games and always come up signed with a multiplier between 1 and 5 that increases the win accordingly. Then there’s ‘click me’, a special bonus round that’s invoked when the halo and pitchfork symbols come up side by side. The bonus consists of up to 4 rounds where you get to pick the gift boxes in the best sequence to win the fattest bonuses. The rules work differently depending on whether you’re playing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But the bonus round you are going to be waiting for most is the money wheel, triggered by 3 money wheel symbols anywhere on the reels. If you’re playing as ‘good’ your sexy little angel jets up to heaven’s higher echelons to play the round and if you’re playing as ‘bad’, your lusty demon descends to the fires of hell to do the deed. Every spin of the money wheel can award you a ton of free spins, progressive bonuses or give you the million plus credit super jackpot.

Summary of the Special Features
• You can change the gameplay engine and influence style, odds and win size
• Bizarre mix of gambling, sex, heaven and hell
• Money wheel bonus with loads of high paying options and progressive wins
• Double or quits bonus
• Frequent wildcards with multiplier
• 1,170,000 jackpot

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New 7Red Live Casino online

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Finally, here it is the new 7Red Live Casino!

7Red’s new Live Casino is a brilliant mix of real-life casino and the convenience of your own home. If you thought that online live casino was just gambling through the lens of the camera, then you’re in for a surprise, because the designers have woven electronically displayed statistics and gaming information on your screen with the experience of being right in front of the dealer, in full view of the casino behind her.

The dealers are attractive, professional and in eye contact with the players. They manage their tables superbly, welcoming you as you join it, announcing the time for bets, and calling out the numbers and cards as they are revealed.

7Red Live Casino consists of 3 games at the present time – Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. More are planned for later this year. Each game lets you choose from a selection of tables, with different limits and dealers.

There’s always a VIP table available with higher limits. A cute feature is the ability to preview the dealer before joining the table. The Baccarat and Roulette tables display the recent draws (last 24 and last 19 respectively).

7Red Live Casino

There’s something electric in hearing every sound around the table, at the very moment it’s produced. The voice of the dealer, the noise of the casino in the background, the drawing of the card and the ball dropping on the roulette wheel. The experience is intense, even intimate, down to the expressions on the dealer’s face. You see her every move, down to the smallest detail as she exchanges a word with her colleague, brushes her hand across her hair, smiles and laughs.

You control your viewpoint. Stand directly over the roulette wheel, put the dealer in full screen view or have the virtual table alongside the live video images. All the game information you need is available. No need for pencil and paper.

In summary, 7Red Live Casino gives you the real casino with its sounds, girls and atmosphere, all instantly available day and night. All the excitement of the casino, with no need to leave the office, the family or the home, no travel, no gas, no parking and no need to get dressed up.

Once you’ve tasted the experience of 7Red Live Casino, you will come back!

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7Red launched Sugar Pop Slots

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New Video Slot at 7 Red Casino:

Sugar Pop 3D Slots

Sugar Pop is a crescendo of multi-shaped candies whose Barbie style color scheme might make you think for a moment that you’re in a first grade girls’ version of Tetris rather than a top adult casino. Sugar Pop is was developed exclusively for 7Red by the UK online gaming leader Betsoft, It is a high-powered fun machine packed solid with surprises. Bonuses, exploding candies, built-in movie sequences and an armful of betting options that let you choose the play style your heart desires.

Sugar Pop will appeal to lovers of exploding brick style slots and other games where items collapse down into the vacated spaces. The progressive jackpots will make you raise your eyebrows then break out into out and out laughter as the wins keep adding more into your credit stockpile. Go for low or high stakes with a maximum bet amount of 250 coins a spin.

Sugar Pop

» Play Sugar Pop now – no download required!

What We Like Best – B o n u s e s!

Sugar Pop has over a dozen different bonuses, all animated and laced with exploding symbols in a cascade of sugar fragments, followed by the inevitable collapse of new candies, each one potentially holding the key to more combinations and progressive wins. The basic win combination is a group of 3 or more adjacent identical symbols. The win amount, from 2 to 50 credits per symbol, is linked to the rarity of the candy symbol and the number of symbols in the group. More than one winning group can appear on the grid in a single spin. After the win is registered, all winning symbols explode, opening up the possibility of further automatic wins as the tower collapses.

The above alone would be enough to make Sugar Pop an appealing and engaging game, but the makers did not stop at that – not by any means! When the candy cane symbol appears on the grid, you’re smiling even before it starts its dance, followed up by exploding all symbols above, below, left and right to it. Chocolate addicts will love it when the chocolate cube appears, as hot molten chocolate flows down from above and covers all 8 symbols surrounding the cube – followed up with the obligatory explosion that leaves a gaping hole of 9 squares for collapse. Then there’s the gumball jawbreaker that awards you an immediate 200 credits before exploding, and the greedy gumdrop that eats random candies before it self explodes and triggers a collapse into all vacant spaces. Another big points winner is the caramel chew that converts up to 5 other symbols to chews, collecting more points in the process and exploding into oblivion. There are the ballistic jellybeans that hone in onto 2 target areas of 4 squares before launching a jellybean projectiles high into the sky, that falls and obliterates everything in its path. Lollipop, white chocolate and cotton candy bonus symbols enrich the fun and the win still further with their own special animation and targeted explosion tactics.

» Play Sugar Pop now – no download required!

South Park Video Slot Release & Free Spins

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South Park Video Slot

South Park Video Slot

Exciting News! The official South Park Video Slot is released now! Powered by Net Entertainment, this eagerly anticipated slot features Cartman, Kenny, Stan, Kyle and even Ike!
If you are a fan of the award-winning and hugely-popular show, we are sure that you will love this witty and extremely comical game, featuring all the beloved characters in South Park!

This game will blow you away. Just like the first game this amazing slot is feature rich, super sticky and will keep you entertained for hours.

To celebrate the release of South Park slots  some online casino are giving away free spins on South Park. Casinoeuro, Betsson and Betsafe credited play accounts some bonus money to try out South Park. EuroSlots gives free spins to all players.

Mr Green has another promotion. Any player will receive 20 free spins, if they deposit a minimum of €10. The 20 free spins will be credited to the players account on the day after their deposit after 1pm CET. This promotion will run for 8 days from the 25th of September to the 2nd of October 2013 so players must make their qualifying deposit on the 25th of September onwards.

Although the minimum deposit to receive the 20 free spins is €10, any player that deposits a minimum of €20 during this promotional period will also be entered into the Greentober Fest Daily Raffle for an extra 100 free spins for 500 selected players!

The Dark Knight Rises Slot online

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The much anticipated follow up to The Dark Knight video slot – The Dark Knight Rises is at CasinoEuro!

The Dark Knight Rises Slot is online now

This Video Slot will blow you away. Just like the first game this amazing slot is feature rich, super sticky and will keep you entertained for hours.

The Batman and Bane fight feature can be triggered at any time whilst playing the base game, even on non-winning spins! During each fight extra free spins and multipliers are awarded.

Batman Slot
»Play now!

The rewarding free spins accumulator feature saves all of the additional free spins and multipliers that you accumulate and are then added on top of the free spins you will receive when you hit the main free spins feature. Be prepared for some epic payouts!.

Batman and the Dark Knight movies having a massive worldwide following. Do you want to fight and beat Bane? Be Batman, play The Dark Knight Rises Slot now!

»Play The Dark Knight Rises now

Reel Rush Slots: 3125 ways to win !

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Reel Rush Video Slot

New game has been added to CasinoEuro’s collection. This fine Video-Slot is called Reel Rush , where the rush of winning is a very much in focus. The reels will re-spin automatically after every winning spin, and even your chances to win will increase! The re-spins will just keep going and going until you end up with a massive 3125 ways to win and 8 additional free spins.

You can still receive your golden first deposit bonus of 150% up to €150 at CasinoEuro!

» Visit the CasinoEuro, play Reel Rush and watch your winnings go through the roof!


New EggOmatic Slot at CasinoEuro

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New NetEnt Video Slot out now: Eggomatic.

This story began with an ambitious, feathered entrepreneur who had a vision…

The EggOMatic is surely our most cracking game release so far.

This game mixes the old-fashioned with the high-tech and the result is absolutely eggcellent! Catch the eggs from the belt to hatch the winnings that the EggOMatic has laid for you. In this chicken coop there is always something going on and we hope that you will adore this game just as much as we do.

You can play Eggomatic at CasinoEuro now, without downloading any software. Play for free or with real money.

It all starts at Casino Euro.

The Hoff – David Hasselhoff Video Slot

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Step into the wild world of David Hasselhoff in our new video slot that is just as eccentric as The Hoff himself. Take this machine for a spin with the free cash that we have already added to your account.

In the Hoff world, a simple “wild” just won’t cut it. Make it to the free spins round and you will find a super wild-feature where the wilds will stick in their original position for some immense chances of winning. Go on a trip through Hoffywood and discover the world of fame and glory.

»Register now, claim your free cash and start playing now – this is some truly Hoff stuff!

It all starts at CasinoEuro


Space Wars Video-Slot at CasinoEuro

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We are sending more and more things off into space, and our intergalactic friends have now sent Space Wars straight to CasinoEuro’s game collection! Log in and use your futuristic free spins to take this game for a ride.

Space Wars is a very unique game featuring a Cloning pod, where your winning combinations will be cloned and thrown back into the game for extra re-spins! Play now to discover our version of space monsters – luckily, in our world they are very lucrative.

Log in, claim your free spins and win big with our newly discovered life forms in Space Wars.

It all starts at CasinoEuro

Mega Fortune Jackpot Free Spins win €14.5 million!

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Use your Mega Fortune Jackpot free spins to bring home €14.5 million!

The 24th of September 2011, the Mega Fortune jackpot had reached a staggering €11.7 million. That same day a man from Norway won the largest jackpot ever known to mankind.

…Until now

This is your chance to bring home over €14.5 million and the new Guinness world record for the largest jackpot ever won! CasinoEuro has added free spins to your account so that you can haul in this huge jackpot without spending a single cent.

Login now and within a few minutes, this crazy amount of money can be yours.

It all starts at CasinoEuro

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