21K Pinball Roulette win at King Solomons Casino

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A player at King Solomons Casino has won €21,599 on Pinball Roulette through a series of very lucky bonus win. Mahesan N. from Bahrain joined the online casino back in 2010 and is an avid Arcade Games player with Pinball Roulette being his big favorite.

Pinball RoulettePinball Roulette is a clever combination of the games of pinball and roulette which have been merged in order to add some excitement to the game. The goal is to predict where the ball will come to rest between the numbers 1 to 36 plus the 0. Unlike a genuine game of roulette however the little white ball is not launched in the roulette wheel but goes through a game of pinball, bouncing this and that way until it lands on the scrolling roulette strip at the bottom of the game screen.

At the end of each winning round, where the chosen number has been correctly guessed, the bonus game is launched where it is possible to win up to 10 times the amount of the original wager through a series of multipliers. This is where Mahesan N. found his fortune.

On August 22nd, Mahesan N. headed for some fun time with Pinball Roulette and luck being on his side, made correct guesses on most rounds which resulted in him getting access to several bonus rounds in quick succession. The major part of his winnings came from bonus win where he respectively won €3,720, €4,140, €3,285, €2,520 and €1,440. Near the end of his gameplay, Mahesan n. hit his biggest win of all where he scooped a fantastic €7,200 during a bonus session.

King Solomons Casino offers a good selection of Arcade Games. Amongst the most popular are several variations of Keno, Hi-Lo, Roulette, Darts, Bingo and games which will have us reminisce about our childhood such as Rock-Paper-Scissors and Heads or Tails.

>>Play Pinball Roulette at King Solomons Casino

betsson’s unique betting league is here

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The Ice Hockey World Championships are coming soon! To celebrate, Betsson is running a special Ice Hockey edition of its popular Be the Expert betting league!

Be the Expert is a Sportsbook betting league that lets sports bettors use their betting skills to earn points and climb the prize board. Betsson is the only online Sportsbook running anything like this and they’re pulling out all the stops when it comes to this Ice Hockey-themed event.

The top 3 participants will enjoy a VIP trip to the Ice Hockey World Championships in Bratislava. They’ll get fully paid flights and put up in a luxury hotel. Plus they’ll be given tickets to a World Championship final phase game of their choice!

You could be just a few bets away from the Ice Hockey experience of a lifetime. Here are the details:

Race details
Start date: Friday the 18th of March
Finish date: Friday the 18th of April

Be the Expert is a unique sports betting league in which participants collect points for every bet they win in the Sportsbook. The higher the odds the more points they get. Participants collect as many points as they can to finish in the top 40 and win a prize.

You must register an account and enter your username at the betsson campaign site to participate. Existing players should enter their username at the campaign site and start placing bets to win points.

The prizes

1st Prize: A VIP trip to the Ice Hockey World Championships in Bratislava (+2 guests)
2nd Prize: A VIP trip to the Ice Hockey World Championships in Bratislava (+1 guest)
3rd Prize: A VIP trip to the Ice Hockey World Championships in Bratislava (+1 guest)
4th Prize: iPad + €200 bonus money
5th Prize: iPad + €100 bonus money
6th Prize: iPad
7th to 10th: €250 bonus money (wagering x5)
11th to 15th: €200 bonus money (wagering x5)
16th to 20th: €150 bonus money (wagering x5)
21st to 30th: €100 bonus money (wagering x5)
31st to 40th: €50 bonus money (wagering x5)

>> Visit betsson now and win your Ice Hockey experience of a lifetime!

Brand new slots delivered on Betsson Games

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Two exciting games, Zuma and Supercubes have been released recently under Betsson Games. This fast-growing product now offers 50+ top-notch games, giving you the perfect chance to win!

The legendary game with five reels and 20 lines is waiting for you! Defeat the Big, Bad tiki bosses for Free Spins and a Bonus Multiplier. Gamble your wins with the Multi-Reel gamble where you can win up to x10 your winnings each spin! All hail Zuma!

Take your chances in this unique game, rotate the cubes and win a lot of money. Find the green seven, which substitutes for any symbol to give you even more chances to be a winner.

Why Betsson Games?
– Frequently updated content
– New games every month
– Exciting promotions
– Attractive Jackpots

Mob Betting – Bet on World Cup 2010 For Free & Win Prizes

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Exclusive for BankrollMob members!

As a member of BankrollMob, you can now participate in a new Mob Game which we call “Mob Betting“. It’s currently focused on the World Cup 2010 but we might use it for future events as well.

For the World Cup 2010 we made Mob Betting completely free for the members to use – but still with real prizes based on leaderboards. There are a total of five leaderboards: One overall leaderboard that covers the entire World Cup tournament and four weekly leaderboards, the first weekly does have a few matches from this week though.

Each leaderboard will have prizes, with the overall leaderboard having the biggest prizes. The total prize pool is worth $1765 and consists of money prizes (as Mob Points), tickets to our weekly Mob Draw (with several $50 prizes) and bonus shots to crack the Mob Safe and win the content (usually at least $20).

We tried to make it as simple as we could. You get two free bets on each match, one bet on “match result” (1X2) and one bet on “correct score” (1-0, 1-1, 2-0, etc.). Each bet is “100 points”, so if you bet “X” and “2-0” on the Portugal vs Brazil match and it ends “1-1”, then your “X” bet will win. If odds on “X” was 3.25 you would get 325 points for the leaderboard.

Mob Betting is available at the bottom of your Mob Account page, click here.

If you want to bet for real and win real cash visit PartyBets and Betsson Sportsbook for the very best odds!

100 Million Euros Fever

Posted by Mr. Online Casino | 1.3. Events / Promotions,2.9. other games | Saturday 29 May 2010 12:37 pm

South Africa Millions – Win €100 Million

Correctly predict the entire World Cup and PartyBets will give you €100 million

Their aim is to make this the most exciting and enjoyable World Cup ever, so they’re planning to give one lucky punter €100 million if they can successfully predict what will happen in South Africa.

Just follow these simple steps to take part in our World Cup predictor promotion:
1. Predict the exact score outcome for all 64 games after regular time
2. Make sure you submit your predictions before that game kicks off
3. If you change your mind you can modify a prediction as long as that game has not started

If you successfully call all 64 results PartyBets will reward you with an unbelievable €100 million. You don’t even have to get all the results right to win big. The player with the most correct predictions will also take home a guaranteed €10,000 in cash.

Make this your perfect World Cup and predict your way to €100 million now.

Further, PartyBets gives you €30 free if you sign up now!

Platinum Play Mobile 400 €/£/$ Bonus

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With this incredible €400 Double Bonus, you can enjoy a bonus on your first AND second deposits at Platinum Play Mobile Casino. 150% First Deposit Bonus and 100% Second Deposit Bonus!

Lot’s of amazing Microgaming games await you! Legendary Thunderstruck (world’s most popular video slot), Tomb Raider and Major Millions, just to mention a few. There are also classic games like Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker and many, many more.

Getting Started With Platinum Play Mobile

Compatible Phones:  Mobile, iPhone and Blackberry

How to Start Playing

Step 1: Download the Game of your Choice

  • Click HERE to visit Playtinum Play Mobile
  • Complete the form on the home page to choose the casino game you’d like to download
  • Then click on ‘Submit’ to start the download process

Step 2: Install the Game Software

  • You’ll be sent a link to the casino game software via SMS.
  • Click on the link and select ‘Yes’ if you’re asked whether you’d like to connect to the Internet

Step 3: Install the Game Software

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install the game software onto your phone
  • Once the installation is complete, you’ll be able to find the game in the ‘Games’ or ‘Applications’ section of your phone, depending on which model you’re using

Step 4: Play

  • Once the game is loaded on your phone, open it and select ‘Play for Real’
  • You’ll then be able to register an account, make a deposit and start playing to win

To install a different game, simply repeat the steps above. Don’t forget to claim your 400€ Bonus!

Click HERE to enjoy mobile casino fun!
Internet Casino

Rock Paper Scissors Mobile and $7 FREE

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Rock Paper Scissors

The player chooses rock, paper, or scissors, and the computer will do the same. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. If both throw the same thing the bet is a draw for single throw bets. The player may also bet on 2, 3, or 4 game series, in which he must win every throw (ties lose) to win the bet.

The single throw bets pay 1.9 on a win. The expected return is (1/3)*1.9 + (1/3)*1 = 2.9/3 = 96.67%.

A two throw series pays 8.7. The probability of winning is (1/3)2 = 1/9. The expected return is (1/9)*8.7 = 96.67%.

A three throw series pays 26. The probability of winning is (1/3)3 = 1/27. The expected return is (1/27)*26 = 96.30%.

A four throw series pays 78. The probability of winning is (1/3)4 = 1/81. The expected return is (1/81)*78 = 96.30%.

In the Playtech game the odds are the same for all three throws. However, when playing a novice human opponent always throw paper the first time! This is because most people tend to prefer rock, especially on the first throw. You can thank me later after after you see how well this works! Just don’t employ this strategy against Lisa Simpson.

Text from wizardofodds.com

Play this exciting game on your mobile device.
Visit http//m.MisterOnlineCasino.com/,
download for free and receive $7 gratis – no deposit requiered.

rock paper scissors


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Betsson Trader, click!

Betsson Trader offers quick real-time trading of bets on a selection of global financial markets.
Trader treats customers to a thrill as they can combine skill and luck similar to a sportsbook or poker.
Win 20 times the stake in a matter of seconds or over weeks. Minimum stake from as little as 1 Euro.
It’s easy to find a bet suiting your market view using our Over, Under, or Interval bets.

Stocks or indexes from the following countries are offered: USA (Nasdaq, Dow), UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Turkey. >> got to Betsson Trader


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Betsson SportsbookThe Betsson sportsbook is known to be a very user friendly sportsbook with very strong growth the last few years.

When it comes to the number of betting opportunities, the Betsson Sportsbook offer is top 2 in the world with around 10 000 markets in the weekend and more than 15 000 markets each week.

You can bet on anything from Champions League football to Swedish Idol.
While a lot of other Sportsbooks have lowered their limits, Betsson Sportsbook have increased the limits and also introduced new software that makes it possible for you to bet higher stakes than the limits set up in our system initially approved.
You can also bet as low as 0.1 euro per bet which make the Betsson Sportsbook attractive for all kinds of players.

The integrated live chat support on the Sportsbook page makes it easy for customers to get help while they are betting. >> go to Betsson Sportsbook

Betsson Exchange

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With Betsson Exchange, one of the oldest and most established betting exchanges on the market, players can join the exciting World of punter v punter betting. Players can bet against other people rather than a bookmaker and in general the odds in Betsson exchange are about 10% better than any normal internet bookmakers. By putting up odds, players can act like bookmakers for other people to take. The exchange has a great coverage of sporting events – including virtually every football league across Europe. Also, every week LIVE betting is offer on over 40 football games every week. Website: www.betsson.com

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