3D Roulette Review

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Windows Casino has recently launched 3D Roulette which is on Playtech platform. The 3D Roulette online casino games with its superior 3D graphics and sound stands out from the usual Roulette games which give you a 2D effect, bringing you a realistic gaming experience worthy of a land based casino!

In 3D Roulette as with any other board game, your aim has to be to predict where the ball will rest on the roulette wheel. You get alternate red and black coloured pockets on the wheel with numbers from 1 to 36 as well as the number 0 in a green pocket. Apart from the 3D Roulette wheel, the table consists of 2 fields for inside and outside betting. For an inside bet you have various choices and combinations starting from a Straight up bet on a single number with payout of 35 to 1. Outside bets can only be placed on numbers 1 to 36.

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This online casino game can be played in the Fun Mode as well as Real Money mode with betting limits and payouts depending upon your VIP level. On the top of your screen you can view your total bet, win and the minimum and maximum allowed bet.

Before you begin the spin, select a chip of desired bet value at the upper right corner of the game window. Your options for bet are on any number, colour or select odd or even on the roulette board; you can also make a neighbour bet or special bets using the racetrack at the side. For increasing your bet simply select another chip and for decreasing chip value you have to hold the Shift button and click on the chip pile of bet.

You get 3 tabs on the upper right hand: Clear will remove all chips placed on the board including in earlier spins; click Undo to remove recent chips and Redo to place removed chip or bet again. You can also place several chips in different betting areas simultaneously. On the gaming screen you get 2 tabs: Visuals gives you User Interface Options to alter what you can see on the game screen and the Paytable gives you complete breakdown of the payouts.

Once your betting chips are in place, click on Spin to set the roulette wheel spinning and clicking on Repeat places your previous bet again. You get options to Double your previous bet amount or Spin to set the wheel spinning again with the same bet value. If you get a win, a popup appears showing the amount won and for detailed information click on the Breakdown tab. You can repeat the winning chip for the next bet by clicking on Continue.

The Menu on bottom right includes 3 functions: History opens your gaming history with details of recent rounds; with Options you can change audio quality and various settings like speed. Help tab gives you detailed assistance on the 3D Roulette game and its rules and you can click on Online Support for required online assistance.

You can play 3D Roulette at Winodws Casino and King Solomons, as well as at Noble Casino!


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